Some favorite Blog photos of 2020

2020 was quite the year. Loads to reflect about. It was very interesting to reflect on 2020 by reading every blog post. Below are some of my favorite photos. January 2020 was when our wolf physicals occurred, and we transferred 8 of our wolf family. The banner photo above shows Carolina Wildlife filled with wolf crates! All the posts in this series have meaning, but the photo below of all the people it took to get the wolves caught-up andRead more

Virginia Bear Update– Post #6, Treatment

In this last post in the series of “Virginia Bear Updates” we’ll talk about her treatment.  Administering Virginia’s daily medicine takes a bit of time, but fortunately the team has figured out a routine that works well. Below is my bucket of grapes and dried fruit, along with syrup ( and my stool to sit on while giving meds). If you want to see Kate preparing and giving Virginia meds, click here. (This is a link to a 30 minuteRead more

Christmas 2020

This might be the coldest Christmas I’ve worked at the Museum. I’ve worked wet ones, warm ones, and lonely ones, but I don’t think I’ve worked one this cold in quite some time, if at all. I also have never worked a Christmas with so many helpers! Three incredible volunteers along with “Keeper Nicole” made for a smooth and easy morning. More changes this year: Because I have the above dream team I didn’t set my alarm until 6:30. IRead more

Christmas is almost here

Christmas 2020 is right around the corner. Please check back on Friday afternoon to see what is going on this Christmas in the world of Animal Care at the Museum. Check out the goings on from Christmas 2019, or Christmas 2018, or all the ones before… Until Friday, enjoy these very cute pictures of Virginia.Read more

Virginia Bear Update- Post #5, CT Scan

Now that Virginia was sedated and all safety and monitoring equipment in place, it was time to take her to radiology. (Another big thanks to Mike Charbonneau, the Director of Communications and Marketing at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, for sending us the following pictures of this part of Virginia’s appointment). I think these images of Virginia in the CT machine are pretty darn cool! We already knew that Virginia had extensive arthritis, but we needed to get newRead more