Make a Wish

I got a call in September from the Make a Wish Foundation to see if the Museum could help make a girl’s wish come true. I get phone calls all the time, about all sorts of things, but this was quite a special call.

A young girl, for her “wish”, wanted to improve her reptiles’ homes. Yup, not a trip to Disney or another vacation. She wanted good homes for her snakes and lizards. When I told Kent, our reptile aficionado, about this wish he was so excited to know of another enthusiast!

We enlisted the help of our friends Howard, Merrell & Partners. This is the firm that promoted the Project Gecko naming contest that the Museum helped with. (The Keepers and I helped judge entries of 4th-6th graders who were given the opportunity to name a new species of gecko that was discovered). The wonderful folks there have gotten SO MANY items donated for this “wish”, even specially built cages. Zilla is donating supplies, and you can see a little bit of Doug Barr and the cages he built in the photo below. You can see Keeper Katy above with a snake that we’ll be passing on as well.

Being involved in this project is another reason why I love my job. I am part of something bigger than me, bigger than the Museum. I get to work with many selfless people both at the Museum and elsewhere. I am part of making things better for my community and individuals in it!

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  1. Katy says:

    I was reading about the mushy wolf and was attacked by this giant purple snake that came all the way from New York.

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