Red Wolf Pups

Nope, non here, again 🙁 But aren’t they cute. These two males were born at a sister red wolf SSP institution. Learn more about these little guys (born May 6, 2010) by going to the NY Wolf Center’s Blog.  It’s hard to resist sharing baby pictures.

red wolf pups born at NY Wolf Center

To date, in the captive population there have been 6 litters born- 24 pups. Thus far only 15 pups have survived. 2 pups have already been fostered to the wild den with the Kilkenny Pack. (Click here to read about the Kilkenny Pack and other news from the RW quareterly report).  Speaking of the wild- there have been 9 litters with 47 pups.  There’s about two weeks+ left for birthing, so hopefully the numbers will rise.

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    The amount of litters and pups you mentioned means that each litter averages 4-5 pups. I thought red wolf litters could reach up to 10 pups. Am I wrong, or are litters that large still possible, but rare?

  2. Sherry Samuels says:

    I have heard of litters as large as 9, but as far as average size goes I think 4 is way more likely. Recently I have heard of a lot that are 2 pups. The 2 litters that were born at NCMLS were 7 and 6 pups.
    When we make recomendations at the SSP meeting, we plan on an average of 4/litter.

  3. Michelle Kowalski says:

    yes what if you have cyotes running loose and are always trying to eat your goods and foods and when you try and scare them away, they try to kill you!!! ???

  4. Sherry Samuels says:

    Coyotes can be assertive.
    Why don’t you call me at the Museum, or leave a question on our website so we can talk Michelle.

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