Success is a beautiful thing…

Chummix in his stall after being given the "go home" command.

Three very good days of training!

9/1/10   Training session rating (on scale of 1-5)= 5

Today was the first day I have trained Chummix in about 2 weeks, other than Julie being here last week.  He was very eager to train.  I worked on differentiating between target and station. He did much better with this today than in past days!  Still a couple of times he went to the wrong place, but overall much better! Also worked on go home, and then when he gets in the stall having him stay.  Eventually I want to be able to have him stay while I shut and lock his stall door. Also worked a little with desens with touching different spots on his body. He is doing better with stay, and will stand still longer than he used to. Overall,  he did very well today and was noticeably eager to get treats.

9/6/10 Training session rating= 5

Still working a lot with him on deciphering between target and station. He is trying very hard, but still doesn’t quite get it. However, he is noticeably getting better. Today I worked on getting him in his stall, and then shutting the door. He did well with it. The first time I tried to shut the door, he head butted it. But the second time he let me shut it all the way. I can tell a great change in Chummix’s overall behavior. He seems to be much calmer than he used to be. He also seems  to enjoy being petted more now, as well.

9/8/10 Training session rating= 5

Sarah worked with him a little on the outside of the yard today. But he gets a little  confused when both of us are giving him commands. Sarah still can’t work with him on the inside while I’m there because Chummix is not comfortable with 2 people being in the yard with him yet. So she stays on the outside and gives him simple commands from there. But a lot of the behaviors I still give the commands myself, and then click/ treat him from the inside (especially when working on target and station, or with desens, stay, and working with his halter). He is responding to Sarah well, though. Again, worked more on target and station. He was better about desens today on his body. I worked more extensively with him on the down command and then “stay” afterward. He picked it up quickly! I’m interested to see if he was staying on purpose, so the next time I train I will try again.

Thanks to my photographer friend, Ronelle Rode, for taking these great pictures! She has more pictures of our museum animals on her photography website.

Chummix getting a treat after stationing. The green and blue object hanging from the fence is the station. A successful "station" behavior means he has to touch his nose to the blue part.

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