You are now free to Explore the Wild

This past Wednesday was my scheduled day to be checked off by Sherry in Explore the Wild.  Last week Marilyn (my trainer) checked me off but before I can work alone in the Lemur, Wolf, and Bear exhibits- I have to spend a day working with Sherry out there.  Now my very lovely co-workers like to get me anxious and nervous before things like getting checked off in an area, my first day alone in an area, and my first emergency training.  This time I decided not to give into their teasing!  Staying calm and confident worked because I got checked off.

whoo hoo!!!!!

Afterward, I went to train the Ring Tail Lemurs but their belly’s were full so I took a couple picture instead to share with everyone.

Here's Lycus very comfy in his hanging basket
Cassandra looking very sleepy
Here's her super huge yawn
And finally, Satyrus getting a nice stretch in

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Great job Kimberly!! I really enjoyed training you and I’m glad you got checked off!:)

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