If we’re gonna have pups, it’s gonna be soon

It’s whelping season for red wolves. Now is the time that pups would be born. We’re not sure if our female wolf is pregnant. Some are positive she isn’t, others are positive she is, all of us hope she has puppies. If pups are to be born, any day now through April 20 would be the most likely.Take a look at the following photos that Ranger Greg took of the female wolf. See if you can notice any “belly” changes. Weigh in with your thoughts

female 1287
red wolf 1287
red wolf 1287

11 responses to If we’re gonna have pups, it’s gonna be soon

  1. Melissa Gonzalez says:

    If she has pups, will they remain with the pack like in the wild?

  2. Sherry Samuels says:

    If she has pups they will stay with her UNLESS some are fostered to a wild mother.
    Read Marilyn’s post (link below) to learn about fostering:

  3. Leslie says:

    Hard to tell–maybe she’s a little bigger? Could the special diet she is on be bulking her up some?

  4. Wendy says:

    I’d give her another two weeks, then we’ll all be aunts and uncles.

  5. Sherry Samuels says:

    The wolf is on the same diet she was at her last home. She’s always been a bit of a chunk- short and stocky.
    As far as telling for sure if she is pregnant, there are ways, but they all require hands on which is too stressful or hormone monitoring which is expensive and time consuming. She’ll pull out her own belly hair, which exposes her teets, typically a couple days before brith.

  6. Laura Smith says:

    Hello, My second grade class from Wakelon Elementary is coming to the museum on Thursday. We are so very excited and are eager to know if the red wolf pups have been born. Do you have any tips for us on where to look for her? Thank you so much!

  7. Sherry Samuels says:

    Hi Laura,
    The female usually hangs out up on the cliff, towards the right side of the exhibit. Look for her there, and be patient and quiet.
    No pups yet…

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