Wolf dig

When I first started working here we acquired 3 red wolves who were brothers.

The 3 amigos

When we went into the yard to clean, we would often find items that were placed on a particular rock right near the area we walked into the yard. These items usually consisted of many parts of animals that were discovered by the wolves in their yard. You have to understand that anything that goes into the wolves territory is full game for them since they are a predator. They may not eat everything they kill but its natural for them to hunt. If we are aware there is an animal in the yard, such as a cat one time that was hiding in a tree, we remove it. However, not everything the brothers unearthed for us were horrible.

If you know some history of the Museum of Life +Science, you know that the area that is now Explore the Wild used to be a rock quarry. Im not sure what else used to exist in the area of what is now the wolf yard, but we have found many interesting artifacts that had been buried that show humans have been here. Sometimes the wolves would put these items on that rock and sometimes they would just uncover them.

These are some of the items that have been found that I can recall:

A perfume bottle: This bottle was found with the body and top attached. There was no perfume left in the bottle but you could definitely tell it was not current.

A old bolt:BoltA creepy doll: (The animal department thinks this doll is possessed)

This was very interesting and creepy. I found a number on the back of the head and was able to trace it back about 50 years.

Here is a picture of Marilyn getting as close as she ever wants to the creepy doll.

She really loves this doll

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Hahaha! Great picture there Jill! You’re certainly right… I don’t like to be anywhere near that doll. And I definitely look a bit stressed out in that picture!

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