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  1. ashton says:

    lycus ist wirklich niedlich, ist es ein er oder eine sie? und wie heißt das suesse ding richtig? mich würde mal interessieren auf weclher safari bzw wo man den kleinen racker in der freien wildbahn finden könnte? viele gruesse aus germany 😉 bin gespannt auf deine antworten. ashton

    • Kimberly Lawson says:

      Hi Ashton,
      Lycus is a 26 year old male, he lives with an unrelated female Cassandra and her adult son Satyrus. Lycus is a Ring Tailed Lemur which can only be found in the wild in Madagascar. We are lucky enough to have 6 lemurs here, 3 ring tailed and 3 red ruffed lemurs. Very close to us is the world’s leading Lemur Research Center at Duke. Thanks for your comment and keep checking out our blog for more fun with lemurs 🙂

  2. DJ says:

    …from Lycus’s look I don’t think he speaks or understands German!

    • Kimberly Lawson says:

      He may not but we have a couple staff members who can

  3. DJ says:

    The Museum of Life and Science was given a Patron Donation in the name of DJ’s Mom last year!
    …please feel free to match it.

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