ANSWERS- Black Bear: True or False

1. When a bear stands up it is going to charge.

false- Bears are very curious and are often just checking out the situation

2. All black bears are black.

false- Check out Keeper Jill’s post on the different colors black bears can be- here

3. A bear’s sense of smell is better than a dog’s.

true- Bears sense of smell is 7 times greater than a bloodhound’s

4. Bears can’t climb trees.

false- Black bears are amazing climbers, getting out onto very small limbs wtihout issues

5. A bear can run faster than you.

true- Much faster! Black bears can run up to 35mph

6. When hiking in bear country it is good to make noise.

true- Check out my post on Bear Fear- here

7. Black bears are normally vicious and aggressive.

false- They are actually quite timid and will typically run away

8. During hibernation, a bear does not eat, drink, defecate or urinate.

true– Although they do not truely hibernate, they will wake up if disturbed!

9. A newborn cub is about the size of a newborn human.

false- At birth black bears weigh about 9 oz but grow quickly

10. Bears mate for life.

false- Black Bears are solitary except during the mating season, males will copulate with as many females as possible

11. Bears always make dens in caves.

false- They can den in hollow trees, rock crevices, the crown of downed trees, brush piles, as well as caves

12. Bears, like dogs and cats, have 4 toes on each foot.

false- Bears have 5 toes on their front and back feet

13. People should never feed bears.

true– Very true, black bears have good memories and will come back for good food. It’s the human causing the problem, not the bear

14. Bear cubs do not make good pets.

true– Bear cubs are unruley, difficult to manage, and grow very fast. They are terrible pets!

15. Bears eat lots of meat.

false– Black Bears are omnivores. They eat lots of plants, berries, grasses, as well as some carrion and small animals. Depending on the area they live in.

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