lucky ssssssseven

Seven pine snake babies are in their own space today, having made it out of their eggs entirely.

doing what pine snakes do best, but hissing is not as scary when you are only 15+ inches long


even hissy when not being handled.


longer than a foot- about 15 inches at hatching


can you count how many are in the pile?


Each snake gets its own container

We started with 10 eggs laid, but one was not viable. There is one more snake that keeps popping in and out of its egg. S/he should be out by the end of today. There is one remaining egg that Kent cut open this morning since it wasn’t a good sign that nothing had happened. Sadly, the snake did not make it.

The snakes will get water for now. Within about one week they should shed and then we will feed them. After that, we’ll bring one out for folks to meet at the 4 PM reptile feeding on Thursdays. Come by and meet them!

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  1. Colet says:

    Awww!! Pics #2 and 3 are cute, they think they are so big and bad.. Haha

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