A whole lotta Pumpkins

Last week we were gifted with a truckload of REALLY BIG pumpkins. I’m sure the keepers will get some photos of the animals eating pumpkins this year to share. The smallest pumpkin was probably 15 inches in diameter- the largest probably over 2 feet! A big thanks to Ranger Ro for picking up and helping unload!




sorry, no ruler or anything to show you how MASSIVE these pumpkins are.

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  1. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    The scale of the pumpkins: /keepers/files/2012/11/PB060040-e1352308160203.jpg

    The little pumpkin is a standard “school kid” sized pumpkin, about 6″ across.

  2. Ranger Ro says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the animals enjoying the pumpkins.

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