Crazy like a Fox

Foxes are omnivores in the Canidae family. This family also includes wolves, dogs, and jackals. With an acute sense of smell they hunt small mammals, fish, insects and eggs, they also eat berries, fruits, and grasses. They cache any excess food, burying it for later.  There are several species of fox, all quite beautiful if you ask me.

Arctic Fox

The arctic fox can survive temperatures as low as -58 degrees F. Often they follow behind Polar Bears, eating leftover scraps.

They have short ears, fluffy feet, and a shorter muzzle.

Fennec fox

The fennec fox has much larger ears, this helps radiate body heat and keep them cool. The smallest fox is nocturnal, which also helps them deal with heat of the Sahara.

Gray Fox

This picture was taken by Ranger Greg right here on grounds at the Museum.

Gray foxes are one of only two canine species able to climb trees (the other is the raccoon dog)

Gray fox climbs tree
Red Fox

The red fox can be found throughout the world in many different types of environment, they are very adaptable to human development.

Crab eating fox

The crab eating fox is a South American species that spends most of it’s time alone or in pairs.

African Bat Eared Fox

This fox pairs for life and their main source of food is the harvester termite.


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