Toad Surgery

Last week, while checking on the animals at the end of the day, a keeper noticed something amiss with the toad:

The gelatinous bubble between the toad’s legs should not be there.

Dr. Lewbart happened to be visiting with some veterinary students- what perfect timing for us to have an expert on grounds for some sort of prolapse with this toad.

Dr. Lewbart (gray vest), with 4th year veterinary students from NCSU, works on the toad.

We use a product called MS222 to put the toad to sleep. We put the toad and MS222 in water. Once the toad is ready, the work can begin.

toad, “sleeping” for its surgery to repair the prolapse

The stitches came out yesterday and we’ll hope this was a one-time thing!

2 responses to Toad Surgery

  1. Shawntel says:

    Did this fix the problem permanently or could it recur? I’m glad the toad is OK!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      We’re hoping this is a permanent fix, but we really don’t know.

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