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  1. kimberly says:

    Bears coats can vary quite alot. Virginia happens to have a perfect V, Mimi has two stripes on her chest that don’t connect and Yona has just a little white patch. Gus doesn’t have any white on his chest. The color of their coats can vary a great deal.
    Check out this post about their various color shades

  2. Samantha Gordon says:


    I will be moving to the Durham area in August 2013 and I am interested in volunteering with the animals at the museum. I am 2012 UNC alumna who is working towards applying to vet school. I have thousands of veterinarian hours, hundreds of hours caring for giant tortoises, and 5 hours performing a whale necropsy.

    Please keep me informed as to when I would be able to volunteer.

    Thank you.

    My phone number, for quicker access, is 252-767-6632.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi Samantha
    You can go to this site for more information on volunteering for the museum.

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