Another visit from Dr. English

Dr. English, a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, was by last Thursday to check on a bunch of the animals with eye issues. He and his team saw 10 of our animals: 2 lemurs, the donkey, a rabbit, the hawk, 2 screech owls, 2 barred owls, and a salamander. We’re so thankful that Dr. English comes and checks on the animals who need his help. He tracks any changes in patients’ eyes from previous visits and checks out new animals who we have concerns about. We’ve also taken owls to him for surgery: all of which he graciously and generously donates.

Usually I post photos of the owls and Dr. English, but this year the best photos I took were of the largest and smallest patient:

Dr. English getting his fancy eye equipment in focus.I don’t know what any of his machines are called, but they are all really cool!


Lightning the donkey was the first patient. He did great!


Dr. Fisher who works with Dr. English checks out Baby, our spotted salamander.

So Baby, our spotted salamander, is typically teased by Dr. English for having a “stupid” name (she arrived over 15 years ago as a “baby”) and being “fat”. This year, similar to last year, Dr. English thought Baby’s eyes looked better and that she had trimmed down in weight. Below, everyone is laughing because I went to Baby’s health record and learned the past two years she had gained weight! (It must all be muscle).

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