The Caterpillars are Growing!

Back in July of 2012, Ranger Greg posted about the Orangestripe Oakworm caterpillars out in Catch the Wind. A year later and the caterpillars have taken over the big Oak tree in the farmyard. If you didn’t get to see the little critters eating away when they were out in Catch the Wind, you can certainly spot them right now in the Farmyard. Just head over to Max‘s yard and stand by his big water trough. It’s actually harder to avoid being pooped on than it is to spot the caterpillars in the tree over head. They’re about 3 inches long and have very distinctive features: thick black body, several long yellow stripes (they should be orange, but ours are a vivid yellow), 2 tall head horns, and smaller knobs down both sides of their back.


Here’s a picture that Greg posted last year, it’s much better than the one I took with my cell phone’s camera:

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