A Little Farmyard Fun

When I first started working here at the museum, I was told a very useful piece of advice from Kristen: “if you ever fall into the muskrat pool, toss your radio somewhere dry as you fall…radios are really expensive.” The last person I know of that fell into the pool was Larry and I have no idea if he saved his radio; it was before my time. While I’m sure you’d all love to laugh at me for falling into our muskrat pool, you’ll have to wait for another day. This adventure was strictly for my radio:



Lightning loves to grab tools and toys from keepers and play games with them. His antics caused of death of my first radio, so I’ve made a huge effort to keep my communication devices away from his prehensile lips ever since. This time, my radio made it through without even a tooth mark on the antenna. Needless to say, I was quite thankful.

2 responses to A Little Farmyard Fun

  1. Kristen says:

    haha- I’m glad Lightning was gentle! more good pool advice: if your sprayer falls in the wolf pool, don’t let it go down the drain. Blocking up the Explore the Wild sewers–also expensive…

  2. Larry says:

    I’m sad to report that my radio did not survive. Also a small guest was heard to remark “why is that man scaring the muskrats.” Finally, don’t expect Jill to help in that kind of situation, she will just pass out laughing.

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