What’s behind the closet door…

We have a couple of closets in the animal department. One of them we refer to as our “cleaning closet” and this is where scrub brushes, mops, disinfectants, and the like are kept. The other one is called our “tool closet”.  This closet is in our office area and our work scheduling calendars are on the door. Inside, as I am sure you can imagine, we keep tools (and more: tape, extension cords, locks, tarps, bungees, cable ties… this list goes on and on).

Tool Closet

I walked into the office last week and found this. Katie is sitting in the closet eating her lunch. Evidently this is the best place to get WiFi reception!

Intern Katie in the closet eating lunch!

I have never before known someone who purchased and ate Uncrustables!

Katie’s lunch the second day I found her in the closet (along with ravioli)

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