Last Week’s emails

I get a lot of emails and most are not really worth mentioning. However, every once in awhile I get a few emails from non-Museum staff that are worth sharing. Here are five highlights: (#1 is my favorite, but #3 is worth watching).

Email #1: Must know French :  Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership based at the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is conducting genetic analyses to understand the similarities and differences between mongoose lemurs living in Madagascar compared to those introduced to the Comores. (This article is in French so (most of you!) will need to translate).

Email #2   Capture Experience and semen collection: another capture experience  February 11 & 12, 2015. The wonderful crew from the St. Louis Zoo will be coming to NY for a semen collection. More hands on experience as well as participate in a semen collection of both Mexican and red wolves.

Email #3   I thought you’d like this: Turtle help:

Email #4   Cricket costs: For the Museum’s 2,500-3,000 3/4″to1″, which we will designate as Pree-Wings, our quote will be $8.00/1000, plus freight…. pinheads, and here I’m presuming 3-5 Day old hatchlings, our quote will range from a low of $4/1000, plus freight,  if you are ordering in quantities of 10,000 each order, to a high of $5/1000 if orders are less than 10,000 each order …  Overnight would be $56.35 and Priority Overnight would be $60.35

Email #5   Artificial tears for rabbits: I would recommend Blink in the blue bottle or Refresh Liquigel over Systane.  However, Systane will certainly still help.

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