Hoping for some wolf pups…

We’ve had a breeding pair of red wolves at the Museum for the past 6+ years… yet no pups. Back in 2011 some of us were very confident that pups were on the way. However, no pups then, and none of our pairings since 2002 have had pups.

At last Summer’s Red Wolf SSP meeting, a new pair was made- a female-1858- was going to come from Chattanooga to live and hopefully breed with our male- 1784. Our new pair has been getting along great since the November introduction (and note that our previous female- 1794- is doing well at her new home in Chattanooga).

Ranger Greg has gotten amazing pictures of this new pair and written about them often since November. Check out his posts on the wolves. He even got photos of the two wolves mating and in a tie.

So… we’re waiting again and hoping that we’ll have pups here for the first time in 15 years. Come take a look for yourself and see if you think the female wolf is pregnant. The date range for pups would be April 18-30.  (I hope my next Blog post about wolves will be with pictures of pups!)

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