94% Eclipse!

Where were you during the solar eclipse of 2017?

A little over half of the Animal Department works on Mondays. Normally, you might hear a fair bit of grumbling when something cool is happening but “we have to be at work” during it. Not this time! Working at a science museum has a lot of interesting and often unique perks. I don’t think anyone was bummed to be working at the museum on “Eclipse Day,” we were ready for this!

Aaron and Rangers Kaitlynn and Emily lean back and point to the eclipse overhead
Aaron, and rangers Kaitlynn and Emily, get into the spirit of the eclipse (in their protective glasses, of course!).
Eclipse lighting creates crescent shaped patterns on the ground as light filters through tree leaves
Did you look down and see the effect of the eclipse on the shadows from leaves on trees?
Animal Department Director uses her cell phone and eclipse glasses to take a photo of the eclipse
Sherry attempts a cell phone photo of the eclipse by pairing her protective glasses up with her cell phone’s main camera.

Extra points if you recognize the exhibit we all spontaneously gathered at!

If you’re one of the many people who want to know what crazy things our animals did during the eclipse, I’m sorry to report that other than a few critters getting up and moving around when they usually are napping -likely in response to the drop in temperature or the increase in shady areas- nothing “crazy” or even very notable happened.

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