Christmas Postscript

I reported on Christmas that things were, for the most part, okay. With the exception of being hot indoors and spending time watching the wolves, the morning really was nothing more than long. A few follow up items to report:

The water snake shed a couple days after Christmas- take a look at the beautiful shed I pulled out of the water.

snake shed
a beautiful and complete shed from the water snake

Additionally, Sarah informed me of my inaccurate identification of who left me notes. In Sarah’s words:

Fun Trivia fact:  Janine’s a lefty and writes in all block letters as a holdover from her engineering days. I, however, am a righty who happens to be 1 year too young to have taken a handwriting class in elementary school.

Janine’s awesome and deserves all the credit for setting you up for a decent day in ETW and for the specific way Virginia’s AM meds were prepped -all ready to go,- but all those notes were from me. She can keep the credit, though, just don’t want you to see my handwriting in the future and think “Janine left me this note.”

Now that I know Janine uses all-caps it is crystal clear to see that she did not write the notes above. Rather, Sarah wrote both the notes above for the treatments and the notes below regarding Farmyard plans

This is helpful information for me to know. I didn’t know Janine was a lefty (like me).


Christmas afternoon was long as well. Usually one hour at the end of the day is all it takes, but instead I had two hours of work to do, with one problem. I arrived at the lemur house and there were noises I had never heard. Take a look at the video I took:

The heat was holding so we (Facilities staff and myself) were not concerned about overnight temperatures. We would schedule the Engineers to assess the HVAC unit the next day. However,  the noise was really loud. In my opinion, too loud for the lemurs to comfortably sleep through. Good thing there was duct tape readily available–  I solved the noise by duct taping the door shut!

















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