Pups chugging along

We’ve been hands off with the pups for a couple of weeks, but Monday was the day for their vet check. A few photos from our check are below. I’ll get the video up tomorrow.

Dr Vanderford and Katy
Dr Vanderford and Katy review the plan for the pup check ahead of time. This allows us to be as efficient as possible when we’re in the wolf exhibit.

The pups were in the den. This makes everything quicker. We’re in the exhibit a shorter amount of time since we’re not searching for pups and we can access the den easily.

Janine is Dr. Vanderford’s pup-holder today. Katy is the Dr. Vanderford’s note taker and assistant. In this photo the heart rate is being timed.


Dr. Vanderford checking out the teeth. I caught a quick picture of Eli, our photographer and recorder of everything.


Teeth look good on 2246. He weighs 2.4 Kg


eyes look okay on 2247. He weighed 2.2 Kgs

We noticed the pups are developing at different rates. In litters there is always a more dominant individual… one who eats more, or more aggressively.

2247 on the left. 2246, on the right, is developing quicker than his brother.

Take a look at the fab-five from the NC Zoo. The photo below was taken the same day as our photos above. The pups at the zoo are five days older than ours.

red wolf pups at NC Zoo


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