Wolf Update

We last reported the death of the female pup. With the necropsy complete we await the test results and continue to focus on the remaining pups, and parents.

F2062 has been on the move a lot- with pup (sometimes both). We decided to not only let things settle down by closing the exhibit to visitors, but also staff. We changed our routines drastically to limit our access to the exhibit, but also anything near the exhibit.

This means we don’t have much to share. We trust that F2062 and M1803 (the parents) will do their jobs and take care of the pups.  Tuesday night we caught sight of two little moving heads from a ditch in the far West side of our exhibit area. We assume mom will keep moving pups as she needs to and hope that she makes it back to the den with the camera.

In other pup related news, we pulled video from the den camera (that’s what everyone was looking at in my office). Footage of the birth of all three pups was recorded!
See below– and note that all pups were born Friday night, April 20!







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  1. Val says:

    That is just f- ing amazing! So incredible to see what few people get to experience.Thanks for sharing

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