Today’s Pup Check

A long day is finally winding down. I know all you want to see is pictures of the pups and hear about how they are doing, so I will spare you the details of the day.

Both pups were in the den upon arrival! They were busy wrestling with each other and gnawing on a rat that M1803 (dad) had dropped off earlier.

The two are huge. 5.35 Kg for 2246, on the left. 5.05 Kg for 2247, on the right

I say huge because, well, they are huge. Their dad, M1803 is huge (almost 80 pounds) and Mom, F2062, has plenty of milk for her two pups. Last year’s pups at just about the same age weighed 3.85, 4.5, 4.55, and 4.9 Kg.

They were caught quickly and as you can see from the photos are starting to look more alike. 2247’s ears are more horizontal (like airplane wings), but they are on their way up like his brother’s. Keeper Janine was our pup catcher and handler today. Vet Tech Katy took the notes as Dr. Vanderford assessed the pups.

Dr. Vanderford checked out the pups (eyes, ears, teeth, feet, heart rate, mobility…). Today was round three of dewormer and their first vaccine.  While the pups were in great shape, we were hot and sweaty, and had to get a bigger scale.

Hope to have some videos up later this week. Until then…

2247 gets his teeth checked.
ears looking good too on 2247
heart rate great on 2247


eyes looking good on 2246


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