Working with Duke Students

We’ve been working all semester with engineering students at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. Two student teams challenged themselves to take on the project of making an automatic feeder for Florian our Skunk. Work has been going on behind the scenes since August, but after the Thanksgiving break prototypes will be going up in Florian’s home.

We’re very excited to see what has been designed for us and we are hopeful that this will improve Florian’s life here with us. Come and check out what’s going on.

Bailey and Jason from Team FLORIAN FOUR making their initial pitch.
Mohsin, also from Team FLORIAN FOUR presenting their low-fidelity design
Emily, the final team member of FLORIAN FOUR, presenting their medium fidelity design.
Yuna and Alex, from Team FLORIAN + THE MACHINE, making their initial project pitch to classmates and clients (us).
Ashley and Varun, the other teammates on FLORIAN + THE MACHINE sharing their design
Team FLORAIN + THE MACHINE meeting with Keeper Jill at the skunk in exhibit in Carolina Wildlife


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