Pup Check Follow-up

We’re past the critical first 30-days for the pups and have made it through fairly unscathed. This doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, but it does mean one big sigh of relief as we pass this huge benchmark. There are so many benchmarks we’ve passed already:

  • First pup check and assuring all body parts as they should be
  • First week getting through without any foot abrasion causing systemic infection
  • First measured weight gain so we know mom can support her pups
  • First de-worming
  • First being carried off by mom
  • First wobbling out of the den on the own
  • First falling down the cliff
  • First interaction with 1-year old siblings

6-weeks old is the next scheduled check. Ranger Greg is getting great pictures, so check out his blog. In the meantime, check out these close-up pictures of each of our six new additions.

#1, M2288, is our largest, and has been from the beginning.
#2, M2289, our little yet mighty pup. He’s half the size of his siblings
#3, M2290
#4, M2291. Notice his chest. He was the pup born without a blaze.

#5, F2292. She’s our largest female.

#6, F2293. Her blaze is still pretty distinctive

Now that you’ve seen close-up of the 6-pack, let’s look at their weight history since birth. The focus has been on our teeny pup, since he is so distinctive. I was thrilled that his weight doubled, and even more excited that he is feisty and vocal and trekking around the wolf yard (either on his own or in Mom’s mouth).

And, to continue focusing in the little one, check out the pictures below on how he fills the weighing container compared to his sibling.

Can you guess which one is little Pup #2?
Courtney Cawley caught this picture on Friday.

We’ll post updates after the next check. In the meantime, ask questions as you have them, and reflect on what our container of pups used to look like:

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