Virginia Bear’s Laser Treatment

Virginia, our almost 15 year old American black bear, has some extensive arthritis and degenerative issues. We’ve been treating her for years with a variety of medicines and supplements. We’ve even added acupuncture and laser treatments. (Check out this blog post about treatment from almost 2-years ago).

I watched yesterday as the team administered Virginia’s Laser Treatment (cold, or low-level, laser therapy is often recommended for pain management or inflammation reduction).

The Animal Care team worked (and still works) to have Virginia stand calmly on our squeeze platform while the laser work goes on. Safety for her, and the humans, is critical. It’s really impressive to watch the team carry out this treatment.

Janine feeds Virginia while Katy does the laser treatment on Virginia’s back leg. So many things to notice in the picture: safety goggles; pads for the knees of the humans; plenty of treats to feed Virginia (water down syrup and raisins are the go to); bars the move on the squeeze to provide access.

When working on a front leg, an added layer of protection is used. A board is slid in as an additional barrier between the bear’s mouth and the human’s hand.

Reach out with questions as you have any.

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