Thanks for the gifts

I shared last month how frustrating package delivery has been. Thank goodness that has been worked through, as today, packages arrived with gifts for the critters! (Last week a couple boxes arrived with snacks for the humans– thanks Betsy!) Such a nice treat.

Thank you Earleen!

Mocha and Latte were given a chew toy immediately, and look:

And we’re now set on goat treats. We use these treats during operant conditioning, for relationship building, and for treatments. Our goats are trained to walk to the scale to get weighed; hold still for hoof trims, and more.

The goats say thank you Clay!
At first I thought only three goats, L-R: Bill, Percy, Charlie, but look below Charlie and you’ll see Gypsy’s nose!
Jordan (human), with Percy and Gypsy
Looks like Bill missed out, maybe even Percy too, since Charlie’s mouth seems to have direct contact with Shayna’s hand!

Check out our wish list if you want to send us more items to help keep the animals safe and well.

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