Eye exams complete

Dr. Westermeyer, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, and member of the NC State Veterinary Medicine team, visited last week to check on some animals. He brought two residents with him, and the team checked out the eyes of several Museum animals. We learned that the critters are stable, with no new issues to address. Some photos below of the visit.

The ulcer in Dallas’ eye is all healed.
Mimi meeting the team
Mimi gets runny eyes sometimes. Janine kept Mimi still (liking up watered-down syrup). Mimi’s eyes looked good, and the thought is allergies
Shayna keeps Lightning’s head still. Lightning’s eye issues are stable.
Salt, one of our chinchilla’s, had no issues at all!
Snow corn snake’s eyes are in good shape
MIsha, our 31+ year old red tailed hawk, is blind, but in stable condition
Rob holds Betty rabbit for Dr. Westermeyer. Like Misha, Betty is blind (and old)



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