Friday’s Forecast-Sonny outside

The other Friday, I hear a radio call for me to come up to the farmyard. I walk up and see a huge opossum sniffing around in the pine straw. I thought to myself….”gees, that’s a huge opossum and why is it out in the daytime? and why are  Aaron and Katy so close to it?” Turns out it was our opossum Sonny, out for a walk. Lightning thought it was VERY interesting and was looking at him the wholeRead more

Interview with Sonny the Opossum

Recently, I got a chance to catch our opossum Sonny awake and NOT eating so I had a little chat with him. He used to live in Carolina Wildlife but, now resides in our EHR. Me: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of sleeping and scarfing mozzarella to talk with me. Sonny: You’re welcome, lets just make sure this interview isn’t too long because I have to get back to my nap. Me: What would your ULTIMATERead more

A Look Back … Part 1

Let’s take a look back at some of the goings on in the Animal Department. Some of these critters have moved on to further their careers and education, some of them have retired, some of them have passed away and some of them are still with us in the Animal Department, just older and wiser now! I have 10 years worth of memories and pictures of all the happenings in the Department… here are a few of my favorites! KeepRead more

The Son(ny) Sets

I am sad to report that Sonny Opossum had passed away on Thursday morning. We were fortunate to have Sonny around for a very long time when it concerns opossums. The maximum is usually 2-3 years and Sonny was 3 .5 years old.  It’s always hard when anyone of our animals pass and we will definitely feel Sonny’s absence.Read more