Fecal Cup

Often times I ask the Keepers if they can retrieve fecal (poop!) samples for me to test. Usually I send them off with a small dixie cup for collection but on one particular day I hadn’t given Keeper Autumn a cup for collection so when I radioed that I needed some feces from the Ring-tailed Lemurs she made her own fecal cup!Read more

QuikPic: Martha Ferret

Of the 3 ferrets that reside with us, Martha is certainly not a morning ferret. Nor is she too keen on taking her medication first thing in the morning. She woke up this morning while I gave Abraham and Betsy their medications and promptly went back to bed!Read more

Keeper Katie ….. She’s at it again…

When Katie was an intern she found it very difficult to find a wireless signal in the Animal Department. One day it seems she finally figured out the best location… in the tool closet! The other day I walked into the office to find Keeper Katie at it again hanging out in the tool closet in order to pickup that elusive wireless signal.Read more