Our Journey to AZA Accreditation!

The acronym AZA has been mentioned on the blog several times. Sherry goes to the AZA conference every year and usually reports back on things she has learned. It also comes up when we talk about our Red Wolves. This post, however, is to share some very exciting news! The museum has applied to be AZA accredited which is a pretty big deal. AZA’s mission is: The Association of Zoos & Aquariums provides its members with the services, high standards,Read more

traveling companions

I was chatting with someone recently about my trip to Ohio to pick up our new red wolf, # 1414.  Afterwards,  I began thinking of what other animals I have shared my vehicle with.  Here’s a partial list of my travel companions over the years. red wolves. Besides the Ohio pick up, last month Aaron and I had our road trip to Atlanta to get #1369 on his plane out to Tacoma.   WV and NY were probably the longest trips, each over 500 miles each direction.Read more

Time For a Tune-Up

Now that we’re 1 month away from the grand re-opening of the Farmyard, it’s time to trade-in your well practiced sheep “baa” and try out your newly acquired alpaca “hum.” Here’s Retro, short for “Retroversion,” one of our new alpaca moms– and by far the most vocal– giving you a lesson in alpaca communication. So get practicing and in 30 days you will be ready to welcome the humming quartet into their new Farmyard home.Read more

What’s That Click?

Have you watched a training session at the museum lately?  (Click here to see an old video of Marilyn training Chummix) If you see Kent training Max, or Kimberly training the lemurs, or Sarah working with Lightning, you’ve probably heard a clicking sound while they train.  What is that thing?  It’s called a clicker, and it’s used as a conditioned reinforcer.  You can establish any arbitrary sound as a conditioned reinforcer, but clickers and whistles are the two that seem toRead more

A Morning Stroll

Exercise is important for everyone! The little goats are no exception and both Rocky and Patches enjoy time to wander around the farmyard freely when the museum is still closed in the mornings. Sometimes, though, if we finish cleaning the farmyard early and there are enough volunteers, we get to do a little something extra special like washing Max, brushing the little goats or taking them on walks. What you can’t see in this picture is Lightning, the donkey, justRead more

QuikPost: Ah, that refreshing watermelon

Only 7 days away from National Watermelon Day! Personally, I’m glad there is a day for everyone to celebrate watermelon. I think it is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat on a hot summer day. Many of our animals seem to find it refreshing (or at least enjoyable), as well. Check out the video below of some of our indoor animals (and maybe even a keeper) enjoying some yummy watermelon. And don’t worry, Sherry, I put the keeper up toRead more