Baby (and dog) Update.

You know Autumn was out on maternity leave, and now back. Leslie, from our communications department and Diet-prep helper, also had a wonderful end to last year. She and her husband welcomed Quinn before the new year. Both Autumn and Leslie shared pictures of their human and canine kid. Enjoy.    Read more

All Grown Up

Here’s a few then and now photos of some of your favorite Museum critters. Enjoy.   MAX OUR STEER    SCOUT OUR DUCK    AUGGIE OUR PIG   VIRGINIA BEAR     ME (really)    Read more

Surprise! Baby Degus!!

Apparently our male degu, Luis, was not neutered fast enough… because on Monday, May 23rd, animal department volunteer Ashlyn found Florencia’s 6 baby degus in a bag of shredded paper (used for animal enrichment) when she was cleaning out the cages! Degus are born with fur and are cute as can be. The amazing thing to me is that Florencia is not really that much bigger than the sum of these 6 babies!Read more

Degu Surgery

We don’t want Degu babies, so we neutered our male Degu, Luis.  However, we thought we might be too late with the surgery – AND WE WERE!  Florencia was already pregnant by the time we neutered Luis. Take a look at the photos below from the neutering, and tomorrow we’ll post some photos or videos of the 6 baby Degus that were born on May 23!Read more


We did have births at the Museum in April, although not wolf pups. Rachael Knight, the Museum’s entomology specialist, spends her time in the Insectarium. Read her report below about the birth of some Pandinus Imperator scorpions.  Please let us know in the comment section if you’d like Rachael to share more stories from the world of invertebrates! As far as we know there were three of them [scorplings].  When we (Butterfly House staff) noticed the little white chubby nymphsRead more