Pig Yard: then and now

I’ve talked about changes with the pigs’ home a couple of times during the past month. (Here and here). Here’s what the pigs’ home used to look like: In March, we tore down this old yard (an original from when the Farmyard was first built) and built a larger yard set back into the woods. Then in April and May, we worked on building a new barn for the pigs.   And now that it is done: Come check theRead more

Pig Barn Building this week.

the pigs’ yard was torn down and rebuilt- it’s now newer, larger, and set back in the woods. This week they are getting a new barn. The finished product will be in the same theme as the rest of the Farmyard. Initial photos and design are below. Check out the farmyard during construction. The pigs will be back when the work is complete.Read more