Summer is Here

Again this week, not sure where the time has gone. Yes, it’s only Tuesday night, but my schedule has me off grounds starting around noon on Wednesday. Seems that putting out fires (figuratively) or being in meetings has limited my access to some good photos (as well as my sanity). Furthermore, the heat lowers my tolerance threshold. I go through several masks and bandanas daily, but do get to spend some quality time in the walk-in freezer. Here a fewRead more

Barred Owl Box

We recently added a box to our barred owl exhibit. The exhibits department did a wonderful job making it and with Keeper Janine’s help of drawing the specs. It turned out exactly how we wanted it. It was installed yesterday and today I was checking on all the animals in the afternoon. When I checked on the barred owls, Kerby was perching on it! It took only one day for them to start using it. As you can see itRead more

Farewell our Feathered Friend

Christopher, our barred owl that resides on the Farmyard, was euthanized on Monday. Keepers found him about one month ago not eating and on the ground several days in a row. We brought him inside, checked him out and then sent him to the NCSU vet school. To be honest, I assumed he would not improve, but after multiple tests, treatments, and supportive care, he took a turn for the better and starting eating and perching. Unfortunately, that turn forRead more

Our newest additions: Kerby and Styx

Two road closures, one tree down, and a two-car smash-up that closed most lanes on I-85. All while inhaling the delightful smell of animal poop, wafting from the rear of the van. It was worth it. Meet Kerby and Styx, our newest acquisitions to the museum family of animals. Both came to us (after 6+ hours of  road tripping) from the Carolina Raptor Center (CRC) just outside Charlotte. CRC is very successful in returning injured raptors to the wild afterRead more