Bat Facts for Bat Lovers

I recevied the following email through a bat listserve:   Dear Friend of Bats, Happy New Year!   Bats are fascinating creatures, and now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a way for educators, conservationists and all who appreciate bats to learn about the endangered Indiana bat and other species.  The Service has launched the Indiana Bat Calendar, an electronic calendar featuring 365 bat facts.  The Calendar is found on the Service’s Region 3 website.  Subscribers can sign up toRead more

Meet A Biologist: Christina Kocer

Meet Christina Kocer, the White-Nose Syndrome National Assistant Coordinator (and Northeast Regional Coordinator) for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Christina works with BATS! Specifically, she works with people, bats, and a newly discovered disease called White-Nose Syndrome (WNS). I asked her a few questions about her job; her answers are in blue text.             What is it that you do? As a WNS coordinator, I work closely with state, federal, and academic institutions, asRead more

Bats: Scary or Neccessary?

Why are bats so scary?           The answer is that they are highly misunderstood. The 5 biggest myths about bats: 1- they are flying rodents 2- they are blind 3- they get tangled in your hair 4- they suck blood and feed on humans 5- they are dirty and have diseases Myths debunked–> 1- Bats are mammals but they are not rodents and based on evolutionary history they are most closely related to primates 2- BatsRead more