Munch Cam Fun

Munch Cam is a new feature of the Museum’s web site that focuses on our animals eating. These clips are short, humorous, and informative. Check out some of the Munch Cam clips below and see others on the Munch Cam page of the Museums web site or on the Museum’s YouTube channel.Read more

why they are called BEARDED dragons

You may have read Marilyn’s post about Godzilla, one of our bearded dragons, and his new cage set up. Well, now that we’ve had some really balmy afternoons, we figured it was about time to get all the supplies ready for the cages to be rolled outside so the dragons can get some some fresh air and most importantly, natural sunlight. As we adjusted Godzilla’s cage and that of his neighbor, Beardy Jr. ( a younger female) there were aRead more

Congrats On Your New Condominiums!

Last Thursday, our Bearded Dragons moved to new homes. No, they didn’t leave the museum, they just left their old terrariums and moved into Reptile Condominiums! These new cages are complete with many different platforms and perches, large sticks for climbing, reptile hammocks, small logs for hiding, all the calci-sand they could ever want, and even their own trap door that leads up to the “second floor” where they can bask under heat lamps and UVB lights. Yes, that’s right,Read more

CreatureFeature: Godzilla the Bearded Dragon

When most people hear the name Godzilla, they think of the large lizard in the movies that caused mayhem in the city streets of Tokyo. However, the Keepers associate that name with our Bearded Dragon. Although he may not crush cars with his feet, he’s still a pretty big lizard. In fact, he is the largest Bearded Dragon we’ve ever had, and that is how he got his name. Godzilla is about 4 years old and was donated to theRead more