Honeycomb to the bears

I mentioned that I would be offereing the bears honey taken from a bee hive at my house. Thursday morning we put out the honeycomb in the bear exhibit. The bears immediately started sniffing the air as if they knew of the goldmine they were about to find. Mimi and Virginia wandered the deadfall. Virginia made her way up the limb and found one of the pieces of honeycomb we put out, as seen in the photos below. She lickedRead more

Honeycomb big, yeah yeah yeah!

It’s a long story, but I’ll make it short. I have had a hive of honey bees living in my house. Not in areas where you could see them, just hear them: in the ceiling above the bathroom and below my daughter’s bedroom floor. Yesterday, Bee Keepers came to my house to remove the hive. It was really really interesting. You can see the section of ceiling cut out- about 12×24 inches. The bees are being vacuumed up by aRead more