Bear Limerick challenge accepted

At the behind-the-scenes bear program in August, a member accepted my tattoo challenge. This month, one of the participants accepted my Haiku or Limerick Challenge. Janet had one composed in her head before we finished the program AND emailed it to me. Thanks Janet!! (Check out our members only program schedule here.     There once was a bear named Gus Who wanted to become one of us So he shaved all his hair Sat down in a chair ThenRead more

Another member accepts the tattoo challenge

Lindsey Renner took me up on my tattoo challenge. She was on Sunday’s behind the scenes tour in the animal department. (Note: her bulldog remained tattoo free). Last year Gretel Guest had her family tat up too after their behind the scenes program with the bears. Next tour is later this month. Click here to check out the schedule.  Read more

Behind-the-scenes Special Program: Bear Feeding

Every now and then the Museum offers special opportunities for Members to experience some behind-the-scenes aspects of life at the museum. This past Sunday, Animal Department Director Sherry Samuels led an enthusiastic group of parents and children down to the bear exhibit to help feed the bears (I tagged along and took some photos). Normally, visitors are never allowed to feed any of the animals! Each animal has a special diet which must be followed for their health and wellness.Read more

Behind Scenes Tour

Thought I would give you readers an opportunity to sign up for some special events. More in depth animal experiences are available on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Most of them are for members only and the next two are: January (17) its a behind scenes tour (maybe even get a sneak peak at our new bear). I have done several behind the scenes tours, and in 2008, I did a special tour on Mother’s Day. February (21) isRead more