Behind the Scenes bear program tomorrow

I’m leading a behind the scenes member-only program tomorrow at bears. Every program I tend to share some bear tattoos with the kids. I challenge the adults to don the tats and send me a photo so I can post it. Gretel Guest and her family sent me this photo after they attended a behind the scenes program. Thanks Gretel for sharing!  Read more

Behind the Scenes Programs

About once, sometimes twice, each month we do special behind the scenes programs. These programs are really fun to do- spending extra time with some of the animals and some of our members is a special experience for everyone involved. A couple weeks ago at the bear behind the scenes program I challenged some adults to tattoo themselves and send me the photos. Thanks to Courtney (and Ro), below, for being my first takers. We had a fun night makingRead more

Wondering why Carolina Wildlife is closed this week?

Are you wondering why the doors to Carolina Wildlife are locked this week? As you peek in through the glass, can you see that something looks different? These photos will give you a glimpse behind-the-scenes to see why the indoor animal exhibit is closed… but not quiet! By the end of the week, we will need to walk all the way through the Museum and outside to come back in the other entrance to the hallway to put food inRead more

Junior keepers

I had a good time showing a group of six youth around the animal department last Sunday during our Junior Keeper program. This program is a chance for kids to come learn what it’s like to be a keeper. We had one junior keeper who returned after participating last year, and one who drove 4 hours all the way from the NC coast! They showed up at 9:00am, and we started off by raking the goat yard and brushing RockyRead more