The Wolves Tied Again!

Ranger Kaitlynn spotted M1803 and F2062 tied again yesterday. We hope to see a few more ties over the next several days. To see still shots of what our wolves looked like last year when mating click here. Check out these videos that Wolf Sarah got from Tuesday: hRead more

Tied on Tuesday!

I got a text from Autumn yesterday around 12:30. “Wolf Sarah” reported the wolves are tied! I’m hoping Ranger Greg got some photos. I’m working on getting video from Sarah, but in the meantime, here is Sarah’s report of how the morning went: Today was exciting! This was my first time seeing any of the wolves successfully tied together. When I first arrived around 10:30, I noticed that 1803 was following 2062, like normal, on the top of the hillRead more

Pine Snake breeding

We’re going to be trying to breed Northern pine snakes this spring. We have males and Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury NC has a female. I’m sure Mikey will write more about the process so look for that coming up. In the meantime, here’s a photo of the female that will be making her way to us in March. She’s about 6 feet long. She’s being held by Mike Lambert, one of her human caregivers.Read more

Red wolf pups: it might happen!

Anyone who knows me, or has been reading the blog for a while, knows that I have a great passion for red wolves.  After breeding season was over, I was sure that our female was pregnant. Being that we (the keepers) like to pick on each other and give one another a hard time about anything possible, I have withstood much teasing and joking from my co-workers… and as always I have appreciated their humor! Despite the fact that mostRead more