QuikPost: Ah, that refreshing watermelon

Only 7 days away from National Watermelon Day! Personally, I’m glad there is a day for everyone to celebrate watermelon. I think it is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat on a hot summer day. Many of our animals seem to find it refreshing (or at least enjoyable), as well. Check out the video below of some of our indoor animals (and maybe even a keeper) enjoying some yummy watermelon. And don’t worry, Sherry, I put the keeper up toRead more

Story to share

I was cleaning the farmyard yesterday morning when something really cute happened. I was raking Nimbus‘s yard (our farmyard rabbit), and a woman and her two little boys (maybe 2 or 3 years old) came over to visit the rabbit. I heard the mother refer to Nimbus as “Ollie” when she was talking to the boys. Smiling, I asked her, “Is that what you named the bunny?” The mother preceded to tell me that the boys’ favorite cartoon has aRead more