Another drawing to add to the list

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my drawing skills on the blog. As folks who have seen my drawings know… it’s quite special. my drawing of some staff leaving for the day, click here. drawings of Gus on the scale, by me and Aaron, click here. drawing names… click here.  (which, in terms of topic, is related to this other drawing) my drawing of a glove. The drawing below is not mine (too skilled for me), but rather from CarrieRead more

Interns’ exhibit project

I’ve been thinking about our spring semester interns and wondering how their summer is going so far at their new placements. Maybe they will read this post and chime in for us all to hear. Part of their schooling requires them to design and build a new exhibit. Here are some photos of the amazing project they put together                 Thanks Carrie, Jana, and Mae for your amazing work and sharing it withRead more

Intern Update and Goodbye

As the Spring Semester winds down, we say goodbye to Interns Carrie, Jana, and Mae. Since January, they have contributed over 900 hours of work to the Museum as they learned what it was like to be an Animal Keeper at the Museum. They will be missed. We wish them well as they move on to their next internship placements this summer.    Read more


I think I love making enrichment for the animals more than they like to receive it sometimes! I especially like to do things that are themed or are just really fun to make! Keeper Jill, Interns Jana and Carrie and I colored eggs and made colorful paper mache for the animals! We had A LOT of fun:  Now here are a few pictures of the animals enjoying their enrichment:    Read more

Intern Update

Our three interns are doing great and we’re really happy to have them. They’ve been a huge help. I found them each Monday afternoon working on different projects. (Sorry about the blurry photos, but taken through glass and wire as to not disturb them.)    Read more

QuikPic: new interns coming

Our spring semester interns arrive later this week. We usually have two students during the spring semester, but we’re lucky to have three starting on January 14. They are all smiles now… we’ll see what happens once we put them to work.Read more