Last week in September

I can’t believe it’s going to be October next week. The time is flying by. The Team is preparing for cooler temperatures, getting winter supplies ready to deploy as needed in the coming months. This is when the bears start eating LOTS of food. Our walk-in freezer is reorganized to accommodate increased bear food. Five pounds of nuts were dropped off for the bears earlier this week. October is when physicals happen for most of the Farmyard animals, so we’llRead more

Chicks are here

That’s right. We got a whopping 2 chicks out of the 42 we tried to hatch. Lots of different factors attributing to such a low hatch rate. Humidity and temperature mostly. Here they are waiting for their cage to be cleaned. The black ones name is Joker and the one behind it is Penguin.Read more

Candling the eggs

The other week we had a candling session with some of our staff. Candling is when you take the egg, shine a light underneath it in the dark and are able to see a shadows from inside the egg. If you were to candle an egg from the supermarket you would see However, if you were to candle a fertile egg you would see That picture there is of a fertile egg. In the video below you can see someRead more