Farewell our Feathered Friend

Christopher, our barred owl that resides on the Farmyard, was euthanized on Monday. Keepers found him about one month ago not eating and on the ground several days in a row. We brought him inside, checked him out and then sent him to the NCSU vet school. To be honest, I assumed he would not improve, but after multiple tests, treatments, and supportive care, he took a turn for the better and starting eating and perching. Unfortunately, that turn forRead more

Bathing Birdies

The other day while I was closing the farmyard, it began to pour. I had to construct a makeshift poncho out of a garbage bag, because I didn’t follow the golden rule of the boy scouts and was unprepared. I stood there for what seemed like an  hour waiting for the duck to go into his stall for the night. Duck, being the duck he is felt it was better to be out in the rain and bathe in hisRead more

QuiKPic: Raptor handling

I train the keepers and educators to handle our two program raptors. (Misha and Christopher). I’ve completed five weeks of work with Molly, but she still needs to practice. She’s decided to send me a photo every time she take out one of the birds to show me of her commitment.  Way to go Molly!Read more

QuikPost: A new farmyard addition

Christopher the barred owl has finally been moved to his new farmyard exhibit! He’s been behind the scenes while his new home was being built next to Max the steer and Chummix the goat. The enclosure turned out really nicely, and you can see on the far left where Christopher has a sheltered area to go along with all of the open sunny space, as well. Go say hello to Christopher on your next visit through the farmyard.Read more