Welcome to our new Skunk

Meet Florian, our five-year old striped skunk (formerly known as hunk-the-skunk who was rescued by CLAWS). Florian, meaning “Flower” in Latin, is the first skunk we’ve had here since Flower, our old female skunk, died over 10 years ago. (She was well-loved and it seemed appropriate to have him named after her). CLAWS had Florian since December, when a home was needed for him after his last location. The folks at CLAWS worked long and hard to get some weightRead more

Welcome Brooklyn and Bronx

Brooklyn and Bronx, two non-releasable great horned owls arrived today from CLAWS, Inc. We’ll . We’ll write more about them in the future, but for now, a few photos. They are getting used to their new home in the Farmyard… come say hi.  Read more