QuikPost: Copperhead

We’ve been so busy here– haven’t found time to even sit at my desk given the weather. Check out what the alpacas have been doing or Ranger Greg’s Blog. So, instead of snow pictures to share, Keeper Mary caught the Copperhead in action last week. (I’ll post about Keeper Mary and the wolves in the snow soon…)  Read more

Bath time

Why do snakes soak themselves in water? Because they don’t have a shower Seriously though, snakes often soak in water before a shed. They may also soak because of mites, to warm themselves up, and just because.   Want to read more from us about snakes? Check out these posts: copperheads, venomous 1 and 2    Read more

Copperhead on grounds

One of our adult volunteers came across this dead baby copperhead snake (left) while walking our donkey Lightning last Thursday, and brought it to us so that we could use it for educational purposes. I thought it would be a great chance to compare a North Carolina copperhead to a Texas copperhead (right), which is what we have on exhibit here. The North Carolina copperhead has an hourglass pattern on its back, whereas the Texas copperhead has large bands asRead more

EnrichBits: Novel Item enrichment

EnrichBits: A monthly look at animal enrichment Do you ever feel the need to rearrange the furniture at home? Or maybe, you just have to get out of town for the weekend, to be in a different place. Perhaps you always grab a different type of cereal at the grocery store, so you aren’t eating the same thing every morning, or maybe you splurge for this spring’s latest fashion, just because…it’s new. Novelty is very much part of human lifeRead more