QuikPic: Surplus Rats

Sounds gross, huh? Last month we were fortunate enough to get a large donation of rats to feed to our animals. We were able to share them with our friends at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Here’s a photo of Bandit, one of their caracals, chomping down on his snack.Read more

Donation for Max

Last month, a 2-year-old Museum member who is a huge fan of Max donated some items and money to take care of our big bovine. She and her family thought it would be great to celebrate her birthday by spreading some love to Max. A big thanks from the animal department for the recent donations. A couple of cute Max photos to share with you all below.     Max used to be little   But not anymore!Read more

Amazon wishlist

Photo Sometimes the animal department gets a lot of items donated to us and sometimes people will usually ask us if there is anything we are in need of. Keeping track of these things can get difficult, so I decided to make an Amazon wish list for the department. This way, everything is on the list with prices (big and small), quantities needed and our information is all filled out for us to receive it. http://amzn.com/w/17NDP1V85KVKR Below are some picsRead more

Money for the bears

Yup, a call for you $$$. I won’t push too hard, just a little… If you love the Museum and our bears, maybe you’d like to contribute to the cause. We’ve got five bears now and it takes a lot to care for them. (Yona’s been doing great by the way, since she entered the exhibit with the other bears: wrestling with Gus, climbing up trees (and jumping/falling/climbing down), eating and rolling in the grass, and more. We’ll post moreRead more

Partying for Pig

A very cool thing happened last Friday– a museum member and her 3 year old daughter came in and brought us a whole stack of blankets for our pig. Our pig is allergic to hay (it makes his sensitive skin break out into sores) so we give him old blankets to lie on and sleep in. The little girl just had a birthday party (pig themed) and asked all of her guests to bring, instead of a gift for her,Read more