Yay for hand-me-downs

Dr. Godshalk has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind and generous over the years. She has done ultrasounds on numerous Museum animals (and all for free!).   (Click here to see how Dr. Godshalk helped with Cassandra. Or click here to see her doing ultrasound on a couple of snakes. She saw several Museum patients at VSH too- click here to read about that).   Just last month Dr. Godshalk donated an ultrasound machine to the Museum. It’s old, but functional. We’ll keepRead more

Ultrasound for a Snake

Last Thursday Katy and I took Todd, our black rat snake in for an ultrasound of his heart. Since Dr. Godshalk, a board certified veterinary radiologist, doesn’t have a lot of snakes for clients, we had to bring a “normal” snake so she could compare the heart of one to the other. We took the snakes to VSH in Cary- this is where, 3 years ago, Dr. Godshalk helped us out with Cassandra’s brush with death. All went well.  Read more